Distribution of CONCEPT solutions in Asia

CONCEPT Family Office

The software is available as several variants, each tailored to specific work processes:

Single Family Office for families wishing to organize autonomously the management of their family assets.

Multiple Family Office for services providers.

Multiple Family Office for the banks.

CONCEPT Independent Asset Manager

Specifically designed to meet the needs of independent asset manager and more particularly to platforms,

to meet the needs of managers wishing to consolidate.

Depending on your activity it will be available in two different configurations:

Sans Back Office where only position of portfolios are included (automatically imported or manually entered).

Avec Back Office where all transactions are imported automatically or manually entered.



The software is a tool designed to allow you to collect all the information in order to satisfy all new compliance requirements (fight against money laundering “AML”) as well as tax compliance and monitoring of risked transactions.

It is also fast and efficient control tool for the Compliance Officer through its diagnostic modules and risk assessment LBA-AML. It allows in particular controlling the adequacy with the legal requirements, facilitating the rapid appreciation of the good recording of customer records and highlights the missing documents and those periodically expired.

Finally, it is a decision support tool for the governing boards (Executive Committee & Board of Directors).

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